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Day 1
02 Oct 2017

Reaching DC’s Most Influential: How the 2017 Advertising Landscape has Evolved Inside the Beltway

Following on the topic of Ogilvy’s hosted discussion last year: Reaching the Opinion Elites, the advertising landscape in DC evolved, both in medium and in message. We’ll get an update...
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Day 2
03 Oct 2017

IBM Design Thinking Workshop: Merging Strategy, Creativity and Technology

Join us for an immersive 3-hour Design Thinking workshop that will include visionary thinking, innovative discussions and team exercises. Facilitated by IBM Design Thinking subject matter experts, Steve Mealy and...
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Vera Rhoads
Vera Rhoads
Steve Mealy

Gen Z: The Multi-Cultural Mainstream

Kick off ADWKDC with Varick! We’ll be hosting an intimate panel and network event on Tuesday, October 3. Join us for drinks, passed hors d’oeuvres, and a discussion with industry...
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Matthew Lieppe
Donna Spurrier
Mary Burke
Jose Villa
Day 3
04 Oct 2017

The Science of Hits: Winning Attention in the Age of Distraction

Presented by the Newseum / Academy Hall

Derek Thompson's national bestselling book Hit Makers: The Science of Popularity in an Age of Distraction explores the rules of wildly successful content with stories of blockbusters from film, music, and entertainment. In this talk, he shares his favorite stories and lessons, including "virality is a myth" and "the power of familiar surprises.” Read More...
Derek Thompson

IBM Design Thinking: Innovative Strategies for Organizational Growth

Presented by IBM / Academy Hall

There is a rising enthusiasm for organizations to utilize Design Thinking methodology to change organizational pain-points into innovative solutions to help guide strategy, shape business decisions to stay relevant and one step ahead of the competition. Innovative Strategies for Organizational Growth looks ‘outside-the-box’ for visionary ideas and innovative strategies to solve real-world problems to improve organizational growth. Read More...
Vera Rhoads
Vera Rhoads
Steve Mealy

Journalism: Better Than Ever Before

Academy Hall

The world of news reporting has faced significant challenges in recent years. Op-Ed columnist and New York Times associate editorial page editor, David Leonhardt, will share why he thinks journalism is better today than it has ever been before and where he thinks it’s headed.
David Leonhardt
11:30 am - 11:50 am


Washington Post

Presented by the Washington Post / Academy Hall

Jeremy Gilbert
12:15 pm - 12:30 pm


Content: Create it, and They Will Come?

Presented by Carousel30 / Academy Hall

In this session, join these brand-builders for a candid discussion about the content marketing tips they’ve tried and tested. They’ve all used many forms of content to push local and national brands, their own agencies, and even themselves to prominence. Read More...
Paul Tsigrikes
Steven Jumper
Greg Kihlstrom
Shonali Burke
Dan Higgins

Data and Insights

Presented by Rocket Fuel / Vista Room

A conversation about leveraging the right data and insight techniques to create more powerful and effective messaging. Featuring panelists from Fors Marsh Group and Media IQ. Read More...
Dio Favatas
Jesse Contario
Dr. Jennifer Gibson
Dr. Brian Griepentrog

Brand Values into Brand Actions

Academy Hall

Do companies reflect their values with their marketing? Should they? Hear about how Nando’s PERi-PERi’s values grew from their history as a trouble-maker brand in post-apartheid South Africa to become an international leader in responsible social commentary. Hear about their high-profile Inauguration campaign that earned national and international media and how that campaign was borne of decades of groundbreaking international work.
DT French
Gia Bagherpour
2:15 pm - 2:30 pm


Using Crisis Communication to Turn Disaster into Triumph

Presented by Campaigns & Elections / Academy Hall

During large-scale events or major campaigns, the threat of crisis lurks around every corner. However, a strategic and calculated response can turn a potential disaster into triumph. In this session communications expert Kevin Harris will share first-hand experiences in managing high-level crisis situations. He’ll provide best practices and lessons learned to help you save the day when things go awry. Read More...
Kathy Baird
Aaron Walker
Edward Erikson
Kevin Harris

Technology and the Commuter Experience

Presented by OUTFRONT Media / Vista Room

Consumers are increasingly on-the-go, spending 70% of their waking hours outside the home. Technology has become a critical part of the day to get us where we need to go. From smart devices to wayfinding information, how has the commuter experience changed – and is for the better?
3:15 pm - 3:30 pm


Round Table Discussion: Innovation and the Politics of Brands

Academy Hall

Listen in to this unique round table discussion as Burkey Belser leads a group of industry leaders in discussing how organizations of all kinds are taking public stands that would have once been unthinkable.  This presents both a unique challenge and an exciting opportunity for those charged with managing the brand messages and public opinions of these organizations.  This panel is made up of some of the leading professionals on the front lines of this innovation in corporate responsibility and communication. You’ll learn what goes on behind-the-scenes when deciding when to take a stand, how to make a political statement while staying true to your customer base (and when that doesn’t matter), what tactics are put in place to best get your message out, how success is measured and lots more.
Burkey Belser
Scott Martin
Alejandra Owens
Sara Thomas

Innovative Media Buying with Brad Parscale, Digital Media Director for Donald Trump’s 2016 Presidential Campaign

Presented by Media iQ / Academy Hall

As the San Antonio-based digital data guru for Donald Trump's winning 2016 presidential campaign, Brad Parscale was there from the beginning. He is credited with persuading Trump to take digital seriously, and increase spending on the online campaign when it lagged far behind that of the Clinton effort. Read More...
Sara Fischer
Brad Parscale

Wrap Party

Presented by CHIEF

Day 4
05 Oct 2017

Advertising Photowalk through DC’s Downtown District

Explore DC’s downtown district and see commercialism and advertising, through the lens.  Our ADWKDC journey would start at the National Museum of Woman’s Arts (1250 New York Avenue, NW), then...
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Geoff Livingston
Day 5
06 Oct 2017

Using Brands to Create Engaging Environments

Presented by Gensler

It takes a thoughtfully designed strategy to develop communication programs and branded environments that define, inspire and engage consumers. Join us at 6 pm for our final ADWKDC event of the week at Gensler, widely recognized as the world’s leading collaborative design firm. Read More...
Thabo Lenneiye