Day 1
18 Oct 2018

Keynote: Shattering Conventional Wisdom

Print is dead. TV is dead. Digital first. So go the mantras of the digital age. But is this pervasive conventional wisdom even accurate? Y&R CEO David Sable says no....
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David Sable

Key Panel: Brand Trust Research

It has never been harder to manage the corporate reputation of brands. We kick off the day with powerful research from Edelman describing the “trust crash,” “Trump Trap” and other...
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Key Panel: Brand Authenticity; The Agile Brand

Keep Your Brand Agile: How to Stay Connected with Consumers While Staying True to Your Vision Brands have evolved over centuries from simple tools for recognition to something much more nuanced...
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Grant McLaughlin
Judann Pollack
Denise Young
Denise Young
David Young
Greg Kihlström

Lunch Keynote: What Is Your Brand Promise Worth?

A brand as a person? A person as a brand? Even consumer brands as political influencers? What is happening in today’s branding world? We’ll explore the connections of consumers with...
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Stanley Hainsworth

Political Panel: How Politics Has Shaped Advertising

This breakout will discuss how political advertising is being challenged, how its pushed the entire advertising industry and also what advertisers, marketers can gain from learning how political works. We’ll...
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Gabby Martinelli
Jesse Contario_speaker_ADWKDC18
Jesse Contario
Matt McFarland_speaker_ADWKDC18
Matt McFarland
Adav Noti
Jordan Lieberman
Jordan Lieberman

Disruption Inside the Box

Brunet-García will lead participants through a panel discussion exploring the ideal creative process from formative research to creative development to outcome evaluations; all within the context of balancing perceived risk...
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Jennifer Strohm, MA, APR
Favio Martinez
Brian Griepentrog
Eduardo Sarmiento

Virality The Age Of Trump

The intersection of politics and social media platforms have never been more dynamic, volatile or consequential then in the era of Trump. This panel will explore the seismic shifts in...
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Tulani Elisa
Francesca Chambers
Richard Fowler
Benny Johnson

ROI of Campaigns

In 2018, mid-Atlantic brand, TaxSlayer, was able to reverse a five year downward trend in members, mainly fueled by an exceptional marketing campaign. Here from a few local experts on...
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Meredith Heller
Ali Young
Chris Panagides
Ted Moon

Brand Safety & Reputation Management

Brand safety doesn’t have to just mean combating fraud in digital campaigns. These days, brands need protection in many ways; maintaining brand authenticity, exploring new tactics to make their voice...
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Trevor Martin
Chris Finnegan_ADWKDC18 speaker
Chris Finnegan
Victoria Mottesheard
Jeremy Kaplan_speaker_ADWKDC18
Jeremy Kaplan
James Walker

A Case Study in Virtual Reality

Come learn from industry experts on one of the fastest growing marketing tactics, Virtual Reality. This is your chance to not only ask all your questions about how to justify,...
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Tyler Gates
Christina Kiritz
Chris Kiritz
Peter Herrick, Jr
Rachel Henderson
3:45 pm-4:00 pm

PM Snack

Fireside Chat with Ezra Klein: Content Today

You wont want to miss this. COO of the Newseum speaks to Ezra Klein about what its like to be founder, editor and producer today. It will take a deep...
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Gene Policinski
Ezra Klein_speaker_ADWKDC18
Ezra Klein

Keynote: A Unique DC

Our closing content is set to inspire. What we have built as an advertising community is now more important and more valuable than ever. Its never been harder for brands...
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Nick Yaeger
Imani Greene
Kathy Baird