Advertising Week DC is back, September 30 – October 3! Save the date for this year’s main event, our one-day conference taking place October 3, 2019, at the Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center.

ADWKDC 2019: The Ripple Effect
DC’s influence is well known. The federal government is right here in our front yard, and its politics and policies affect the lives of people worldwide. But when we consider the powerhouses of marketing and advertising, we point to cities like New York or Los Angeles, and forget DC’s unique impact.

Multiple Fortune 500 companies are headquartered here, and DC is also home to the legal, lobbying or crisis arms of many more.

Our local news is national news—and the stock market can nosedive on the Tweet of our president.

Moreover, DC-area advertisers, marketers and strategists have cut their teeth working with industry decision-makers. We partner with the agencies, associations and think tanks that set the playing field. The work done across our local advertising community impacts companies and consumers of all business verticals, and is felt beyond our borders—we influence the influencers.

How do we understand this ripple effect? How can we predict its outcomes? How do we use it effectively and responsibly? 

This year at ADWKDC, we invite the community to dive in and discuss DC’s unique impact—and its ripple effect, far-reaching to every corner of the nation. 

This Year's Conference

ADWKDC is an event designed for professionals in the fields of marketing and communications. It has been a staple conference for over 250 CMOs, senior marketers, agency professionals and technology executives from the Mid-Atlantic area for more than 10 years. ADWKDC provides opportunities for networking along with keynotes, workshops and panels on relevant topics presented by proven industry talent.

This year’s one-day conference on October 3 will feature keynotes, panels and interactive sessions, and hosted events will occur mornings and evenings earlier in the week.

Last chance: Get your conference tickets to see this year’s impressive lineup of area marketing professionals and more. 


View Sessions from Last Year's ADWKDC Conference

Brand Safety and Reputation Management

presented by:
James Walker, SVP, Integrated Media Strategy, Weber Shandwick (Moderator)
Chris Finnegan, Executive Media Director, RP3
Jeremy Kaplan, SVP of North American Sales, GumGum
Trevor Martin, Digital Communications Manager, Pepco Holdings
Victoria Mottesheard, Regional Marketing Director, OUTFRONT Media

Virality in the Era of Trump

presented by:
Benny Johnson, Reporter, Tucker Carlson’s The Daily Caller (Moderator)
Eric Bolling, Host of ‘America’ on CRTV
Richard A. Fowler, Contributor, Fox News

A Unique DC

presented by:
Imani Greene, Founder and President, GreeneGroup (Moderator)
Nick Yaeger, Vice President, POLITICO Focus
Kathy Baird, Group Managing Director, Ogilvy
Michelle Harris, VP of Memberships and Development, News Media Alliance
Emmy Scandling, Director of Buzz Marketing and Global Partnerships, Marriott International

Fireside Chat with Ezra Klein: Content Today

Ezra Klein, Editor-at-Large & Founder, Vox

interviewed by:
Gene Policinski, President and COO, Newseum

Conference Photography by Tim Lundin.