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Five Reasons to Attend ADWKDC 2016

Ed. Note: This post originally appeared on AAF DC’s The Voice

ADWKDC 2016 is right around the corner (October 15-21). Haven’t registered yet? Perhaps you need more motivation! Here are five quick reasons to take attend for our annual celebration of advertising in the Greater Washington region.

1) The People!

It’s no secret that Washington, DC is home to some of the most talented communications professionals in the world. Whether you want to help your business, build a network for future opportunities, or expand your mind, you need to meet other professionals that can expand your horizons. ADWKDC offers a wide variety of events and venues across six days. Meet great new contacts! (There’s no excuse for missing out.)

2) New Ideas

Bright people have incredible experiences and insights. Whether it is one of our many speakers presenting at events throughout the week or via a conversation with the person sitting next to you at ADWKDC, you will get access to new best practices and approaches to today’s communications. Expand your mind and your capabilities.

3) Concentrated Oomph at Home

It’s one thing to attend a networking event, meet new people, and garner new ideas. It’s another thing to attend event after event with new insights, new people, and new excitement. Usually you have to travel to an out-of-town marketing conference in Austin or New York City for concentrated oomph like this. ADWKDC’s culminating event, our two-day conference, offers you all of the benefits of a major marketing event without all of the travel costs and time.

4) Give Back

Our Create event on Sunday is pretty special. Facebook DC is hosting young ad professionals, college students, and maybe you in an effort to create ads that will benefit nonprofits. Do more than just network. Use your skills for good when you attend our opening event, create, and give back to the larger DC community.

5) Trespass

The theme for ADWKDC 2016 is Trespass. Sometimes we have to break away from the normal office routine, the daily meetings, the trend pieces on all of the blogs and social networks, and the mind-numbing commute. Dare to break free of your routine. Trespass from the mundane rules, and expand your mind with the new, the unusual, and the unknown.

Don’t wait any longer! Register for ADWKDC 2016 today!


Special Guest Post by Geoff Livingston, AAF DC  

Check out Geoff’s role in making this year’s ADWKDC theme, Trespass, come to life

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