We’re Back, Baby!

Hey Folks!

ADWKDC, the signature event for marketers, advertisers and communicators in DC is back again this year. We’re hosting a week’s worth of workshops, networking opportunities and speakers, culminating with our annual two-day conference — Thursday and Friday, October, 21-22.

We are continuing the tradition of having three areas of discipline relevant to all marketing communicators:


We all know the importance of the strategies that guide and bolster our communications campaigns and the underlying data and research that drives them. Learn how big name clients, local agencies and government develop and execute their winning strategies. Topics include: Marketing for niche communities, balancing the cool and creepy of data and privacy, and getting the hang of multi-channel campaigns.


Chasing the newest ways to make creative campaigns pop, wow and awe is sometimes a career-long pursuit. Expert panelists will share how they’re incorporating the newest trends and technologies into their creative campaigns. Also on the agenda: ways to jumpstart the creative process and workshopping a client’s creative campaign. With all the talk about


There is no bigger change happening than that in the world of media. We have traditional and digital media getting more sophisticated and more targeted than ever before, social media and the role of micro-influencers still in a young and evolving state and now everything we thought we knew is again about to be challenged with the rise of Artificial Intelligence. The very concept of media has become complicated and ambiguous.

Convergence will happen here! While these tracks are tailored by field and subject area, we’re fully expecting a cross-pollination of ideas and cross-mingling between tracks.

Stay tuned for ADWKDC updates. And follow us on social for behind-the-scenes content, speaker announcements and conference updates.

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