Behind-the-scenes: ADWKDC Speakers share how they ‘Trespass’

With the start of ADWKDC just days away, the final conference lineup is set. So what’s in store? Outstanding keynotes and talks from leading communicators, technologists, strategists and creatives. And conference programming that fully embraces the idea that sometimes we have to let our ideas “TRESPASS - Because innovators never ask permission”. That’s what we want attendees to take with them. They’ll be met with so many opportunities to really explore how communications, tech and data science co-mingle, and how to use them all in their work.

Get a BTS look at how some of our speakers – DC communicators, technologists, strategists and experts – walk out the idea of trespassing the norms, barriers and internal no’s we all encounter:

So, is it ever okay to trespass?  WE SAY YES! Special thanks to our guest speakers for sharing their conference sneak peeks:

Don’t miss your chance to join us as we explore what it means to TRESPASS:

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