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Virtual Reality: The Revolution to Evolution

Simply put, virtual reality (VR) allows you to experience something without actually being there. In my ADWKDC session, “Virtual Reality: The Revolution to Evolution” I will briefly cover the history of VR but more importantly, delve into the state of VR today and discuss its current strengths and weaknesses as well as its future. I will also explore practical business applications for VR and equip the audience with the knowledge to evaluate and implement strategies to benefit from this new technology today, and in the future.

VR Expectations for Growth
Estimates put the VR market at $150 billion by 2020 – and big players such as Facebook, Microsoft, Samsung, and Sony have already invested billions of dollars in virtual reality, demonstrating their belief that it’s a lasting innovation that embraces the cutting edge of technology’s capabilities.

Understanding VR Opportunities for Non-tech Industries
What does this mean for the rest of us? Is now the time to get into VR? If so, how? If you’ve asked these questions, then you should attend The Revolution to Evolution session – and then stick around to demo some VR technologies throughout Day 1 of the main conference.This session is geared toward marketing and communications professionals across all spaces. I’ll discuss:

  • Ways companies can start using VR or offering it to clients, regardless of how big or small the budget is.
  • Ways we can use VR to market when many consumers don’t currently own headsets. (Hint: I’ll introduce you to a range of products that bridge this gap and enable businesses to effectively integrate VR into their current marketing strategy.)
  • Exciting new markets for VR technology that are in development, such as data visualization and interactive situational training.

Bottom line: Whether you’re in a technology related space or not, a clear understanding of virtual reality technology and content will be critical to your market.

Following my session, I’ll host VR demos – so come test drive the technology first hand, and I’ll be available to answer one-on-one questions.

Special Guest Post by Aaron Schwartzbard, CTO, Frameless Technologies, LLC

Check out Aaron’s speaker bio, and mark your calendar for his session Virtual Reality: The Evolution to Revolution and VR demos, during the year’s weeklong ADWKDC celebration – happening October 15-21.

Photo: Modstock, by ISL

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