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Speaker Spotlight: Steve Mealy

Steve Mealy tells us more about what’s exciting and new in his world at IBM, and what we can expect during the Design Thinking workshop and Strategy Track panel during ADWKDC!

The panel will discuss taking a human-centered approach to solving organizational problems using design thinking: from the start of the process - talking through pain points, problems, opportunities - all the way through to finding solutions, iterations and development. As an IBM Design Thinking Leader, Steve, with his team regularly facilitates “IMAGINE A WORLD” campaign sessions to help organizations do just that.

So who should attend?

  • Stakeholders seeking to improve user experience, enhance services, expand brand loyalty
    and grow revenue.
  • Managers wanting to streamline processes, improve employee retention and improve.
  • Creative Directors, UX Designers and User Experience experts looking to improve user experience.

And how does Steve TRESPASS? By working with and thinking of his competitors as comrades and colleagues… and breaking out of his shell with ideas, and sharing that energy to find solutions to get companies where they need to be.

Can’t wait to hear more from Steve? Check out his full bio; then register for your all-access ADWKDC pass, for entry into the week’s events happening Oct 15-21, including the Design Thinking hosted event and conference session.

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