Janelle Nowak

Associate, The Brunswick Group

Janelle Nowak

Associate, The Brunswick Group


Janelle Nowak is an Associate at Brunswick Group, specializing in integrated digital and social media strategy. She has over 10 years’ experience in financial services marketing, solving complex communication challenges for publicly traded and private companies- from mortgage brokerage to commercial real estate to consumer banking. She joined the Brunswick Group in May 2016. Prior to Brunswick, she built Capital One’s Social Media Team from the ground up, advising internal clients and business partners on their social media strategy and integrated digital campaigns.

Prior to Capital One, Janelle spent five years in the REIT Industry, leading corporate communications and investor relations outreach for an $11B retail REIT. In 2014, Janelle was named to the “20 Rising Stars to Watch in Financial Services Marketing” by the Grammercy Institute. Janelle holds a B.A. in Mass Communication from George Mason University and an M.A. in Digital Strategy & Public Relations from Georgetown University.

What’s one website or book you think more people should know about?

The Sharing Economy: The End of Employment and the Rise of Crowd-Based Capitalism

What’s an emerging trend we should keep our eye on?

EdTech. I believe the education sector is about to / is embarking on the same type of journey that Financial Services industry went through 4-5 years ago. The idea that education is now online in such a big way, students have access to so much more information and holistically the world has and continues to change from what is needed through a traditional “diploma.” I think it will be fascinating to watch how higher education continues to incorporate the digital landscape- and what it does to survive or fail.

What’s one prediction you have for our industry that will come true in 5 years?

The traditional “agency” will look nothing like what it does today.

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