Scott Cullum

Director of Creative Technology, AKQA
Scott Cullum

Scott Cullum

Director of Creative Technology, AKQA
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Scott has been with AKQA for over 7 years, starting in the San Francisco office in October 2009 before joining AKQA DC in August of 2012. In his current role as Director of Creative Technology, Scott leads the discipline with a focus on driving the innovative and smart use of technology to enrich the products and services AKQA delivers to its clients. Scott has worked for a variety of clients to deliver both effective campaign and enduring platform work.

Early into his AKQA career Scott worked on the team that helped to launch the 1969 Denim line for Gap. This campaign encompassed many touch-points for the brand including the Gap 1969 iPad app which launched on day one of the release of first generation Apple iPad. Scott also contributed his efforts to successfully transition the DAOR duties for Audi of America. Along with campaigns in support of the release of the A7 and A6 models, Scott served on the leadership team which developed the concept and planned the current release of

Upon relocating to AKQA DC, Scott has continued to provide leadership to the technology team and has contributed to the success of all the office’s accounts. He worked on the team delivering the WWF Together app which garnered not only great brand exposure but a bevy of accolades. Most notably the 2013 Apple Design Award was awarded to recognize WWF Together of one of the best apps of the year.

What’s one website or book you think more people should know about?

I both love and hate that there is no true context other than the link itself.

What is one Twitter account that we should all follow?


We all need a bit of levity.

What’s an emerging trend we should keep our eye on?

Machine learning. There is an untapped potential for a myriad of use cases. We need to keep an eye on it to ensure that we still have human interactions outside of our social circles.

What’s one prediction you have for our industry that will come true in 5 years?

We will interact with technology using our voices far more than our hands.

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