Richard Fowler

Nationally Syndicated Radio Host, Fox News Contributor, and Millennial Messaging Expert

Richard Fowler

Nationally Syndicated Radio Host, Fox News Contributor, and Millennial Messaging Expert


Richard Fowler is a political analyst for Fox News, where he frequently co-anchors the Five and appears on The Story with Martha McCallum, America’s Newsroom, The Daily Briefing with Dana Perino, Fox News @ Night and Kennedy on the Fox Business Network. In 2018, Fox News named him a co-host of their All-American New Year Eve Show in Times Square. Host of radio’s nationally syndicated The Richard Fowler Show and Democratic Strategist, Richard Fowler is an advocate for youth and social policy reform.  Formerly serving as the Advocacy Director of The Young Democrats of America, Richard is the former Executive Director of Generational Alliance, a progressive youth engagement organization. Fowler is a staple on SiriusXM Progress, hosting Progress Presents and filling-in on their popular drive time morning show, Make it Plain.

Additionally, The Fowler Show, where Richard offers his opinion on the most prominent issues facing our country, can be heard and viewed in over 9.1 million homes around the world.

As a young man, Richard began his political career in his home state of Florida, volunteering in numerous local races across the state, including former Attorney General Janet Reno’s gubernatorial campaign. From registering and organizing more than a thousand young voters in Florida for the NAACP, to being a campaign manager in the District of Columbia, Richard has used his experience to elevate the platform of youth, minority, and female candidates across the country.

Richard has trained over 3,000 people on the importance of messaging and media strategy. In his work to advance education and health policy reform, he works with teachers, nurses, and higher education faculty to make their voices heard in decision-making processes taking place across school districts, state governments, and our Nation’s Capital.

Richard’s affinity for public speaking and his unique capacity to inspire has led him to center stage at numerous large-scale events. He has been a featured speaker for the Center For American Progress, College Democrats of America, the United States Student Association, the Western Conservative Conference, the Young Democrats of America, and the Congressional Black Caucus Annual Legislative Conference.

Most recently, Richard was named a Senior Media Fellow for the New Leader’s Council, where he has continued to train, equip, and empower the next generation of millennial leaders.


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