Julia Ziegler

News Director, WTOP.com
Juila Ziegler

Julia Ziegler

News Director, WTOP.com
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Julia Ziegler became News Director of WTOP.com in 2015. Prior to that, she served as the managing editor of WTOP.com’s sister station, FederalNewsRadio.com, for seven years.

Ziegler was introduced to WTOP in 2002 when she served as an intern at the station. She was hired in 2003 as a freelance news assistant and worked her way up through the ranks before becoming the executive producer at Washington Post Radio, also owned by WTOP’s parent company.

Ziegler graduated from Penn State in 2003 with a degree in broadcast journalism. She still spends her weekends there in the fall, cheering on the Nittany Lion football team. We are! She has her M.A. in News Media Studies from American University.

What’s one website or book you think more people should know about?

Slack.com – if you aren’t currently using it in your office to communicate/coordinate on projects, you should be. 

On the app front, I’m having a lot of fun with Adobe Spark Video and Quik to create engaging (and fun) photo/video projects both for work and personal use.

What is one Twitter account that we should all follow?



I also can’t keep it just to Twitter. I’m a huge fan of Instagram. Every woman should follow @roomtorunway

What’s an emerging trend we should keep our eye on?

Millennials and Plurals will continue to change the way companies recruit, hire and retain top talent. Leaders within organizations will need to learn what motivates this new generation of workers and how they want to be “managed.” The companies that understand the differences between the generations of workers in their organizations will be the ones that thrive.

What’s one prediction you have for our industry that will come true in 5 years?

The most creative and effective advertising we’ve ever seen is on the horizon. It will need to be as consumers demand it and expect it. Successful advertisers will be those that think outside the box, always keep the consumer in mind and embrace the change.

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