Ian Morrison

Senior Director, Media & External Affairs, World Wildlife Fund
Ian Morrison

Ian Morrison

Senior Director, Media & External Affairs, World Wildlife Fund


Ian leads media relations and external affairs at World Wildlife Fund (WWF). His team works across digital and traditional channels to elevate awareness of nature’s value to people, business and government and advocate for specific solutions at all levels to reduce the most pressing threats to the diversity of life on Earth. Ian has been on the frontlines working to address some of the biggest issues facing the planet, managing communications efforts at more than a dozen of the world’s most important international policy fora, including the historic Paris climate agreement. He has worked on WWF’s most-high profile corporate partnerships, including with The Coca-Cola Company, Apple, and McDonalds. Prior to joining WWF, Ian was a journalist in California, Louisiana and the Caribbean.

What’s one website or book you think more people should know about?

Any Carl Hiaasen novel. Because sometimes you just need a break from reality.

What is one Twitter account that we should all follow?

Capital Weather Gang, @capitalweather. They just get it right.

What emerging trend should we keep our eye on?

Everyday celebrities (Chewbacca Mom, top Twitch players). Also, the continued echo chamber effect of media and social media platforms. This is only going to get more acute.

What’s one prediction you have for our industry that will come true in 5 years?

We’ll stop thinking of ‘millennials’ as a monolithic audience.

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