Brian Griepentrog

Senior Vice President, Fors Marsh Group

Brian Griepentrog

Senior Vice President, Fors Marsh Group


Dr. Brian Griepentrog has over 19 years managing and executing public policy, human capital, and communication research. His expertise has been instrumental in supporting clients such as Facebook, 23andMe, Citizens Bank, Department of Homeland Security, Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection and the Department of Defense.

As the Senior Vice President of Research at Fors Marsh Group, Brian’s work focuses broadly on using advanced research techniques to model human decision making–be it a citizen, a consumer, or an employee—and create positive social impact. His multidisciplinary teams are increasing voting access/success of uniformed and overseas American citizens, improving customer service across the IRS, reducing youth tobacco use, and elevating the recruitment process of the U.S. Military.

Brian’s work has appeared in a variety of national publications like Personnel Psychology, Journal of Vocational Behavior, Military Psychology, and Cambridge Press as well as national and international conferences like the American Psychological Association, Federal Committee on Statistical Methodology, and Society for Industrial Organizational Psychology.

Brian received his doctorate in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from George Mason University, and a B.A. in Psychology from the University of Minnesota.

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