Rules for the Successful Entrepreneur

Rance Crain
20 Oct 2016
9:15 am - 10:00 am
FHI 360 Conference Center, Academy Hall

Rules for the Successful Entrepreneur

Rance Crain presents on the 100 years of Ad Age – and offers ten specific entrepreneurial lessons.

Rance discusses many of the people who mentored him, like Stan Cohen and Sid Bernstein, president of the company for many years, who helped the company evolve and keep up with the times. There are stories about people who are still with the company. There are stories about his mom, dad, and brother, Keith. Rance shares with pride the energy and enthusiasm of their people, the open-mindedness to new concepts and ideas, about teamwork and how his mother even stepped up when his father passed to bring the company through a historical growth spurt.

Rance also explains how interactions and relationships with important people like Lee Iacocca, Bob Gray and Robin Menz-Suhbier influenced
him and the company.

It is a lecture, a story, and a lesson.