Must-see ADWKDC Sessions and Speakers

You’ll hear the CEO of Y&R share his expertise about Shattering Conventional Wisdom”(David Sable’s our first keynote speaker, so don’t be late.)

Our next keynote is just as valuable: “What Is Your Brand Promise Worth?” by Stanley Hainsworth, Founder and Chief Creative Officer of Tether. He’s a former creative lead at Nike, Lego, and Starbucks, with stories we need to hear. (Get your questions ready!)

We expect grand insights when Ezra Klein, the founder and Editor-at-Large of Vox, talks about “Content Today” and what it takes to be a creator and editor. Gene Policinski, President and COO of the Newseum, will be interviewing him.

And we have three phenomenal panels about brands:

“Brand Authenticity: The Agile Brand” moderated by Judann Pollack, Deputy Editor of Ad Age

Greg Kihlstrom, SVP of Digital, Yes&
Denise Young, Vice President of External Communications, Mars Incorporated 
David Young, Global Brand Strategy Manager, National Geographic
Grant McLaughlin, Vice President, Corporate Affairs, Booz Allen 

“Brand Trust Research”

Stephen Kehoe, Global Practice Head, Corporate and Public Affairs; Global Chair, Reputation, Edelman
Michael Zaneis, Founder, Brand Safety Institute
Jeff Cartwright, Vice President of Content, Morning Consult

and “Re-founding a Brand”

Kathy Baird, Group Managing Director, Ogilvy
Imani Greene, Founder and President of GreeneGroup
Nick Yaeger, Vice President, POLITICO Focus

Get stoked at ADWKDC, then celebrate the 100th birthday of AAF DC at the Thursday reception.

Register now so you have time to choose among the way-too-enticing breakout sessions on VR, virality, politics, and disruption inside the box!



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